Bernard Cornwell | First Editions


Bernard CornwellOBE (born 23 February 1944) is an English author of historical novels, and a history of the Waterloo Campaign. He is best known for his novels about the Napoleonic Wars rifleman, Richard Sharpe

The first 11 books of the Sharpe series (beginning in chronological order with Sharpe's Rifles and ending with Sharpe's Waterloo, published in the US as Waterloo) detail Sharpe's adventures in various Peninsular War campaigns over the course of 6–7 years. Subsequently, Cornwell wrote a prequel quintet – Sharpe's TigerSharpe's TriumphSharpe's FortressSharpe's Trafalgar and Sharpe's Prey – depicting Sharpe's adventures under Wellington's command in India, including his hard-won promotion to the officer corps, his return to Britain and his arrival in the 95th Rifles, and a sequel, Sharpe's Devil, set six years after the end of the wars.

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