[Architecture /Arch Construction Plans]. ANONYMOUS.

[Architecture /Arch Construction Plans].

[c. 1930's]. THIRTY FOLDING PLANS. A2 plans folded twice, each numbered and stacked in A4-sized black cloth-covered card box reinforced with duct tape. Key to numbered plans pasted to box lid. Plans are as follows: Roman Arch; Segmental Arch; Gothic Arch (Lancet, the Drop and Equilateral); Semi-Gothic Arch; Bull's-Eye or Wheel Arch; Three-Centred Semi-Elliptical Arch; Five Centred Semi-Elliptical Arch; Rampant Arch; Horse-Shoe Arch; Segmental Gothic Arch; Scheme Arch; Stilted Arch; Moulded Bull's-Eye with Projecting Keys; Arabian Arch; Venetian or Queen Anne Arch; Ogee Arch; Wave Arch; Camber Arch; Tudor Arch; Elliptical Opening with Keys; Elliptical Opening; Ogee Arch (Cyma Reversa); Pointed Trefoil Arch; Gothic Ellipse; Semi-Circular Niche; Ogee Arch (Cyma Recta); Moorish Arch; Full-Sized Moulded brick Templates. Some minor toning, but very good condition. Box worn with tape coming loose in places; still a sturdy container. A comprehensive collection of arch construction plans, each with accompanying notes for the architect or engineer. Item #45765

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