The Only Victor. Alexander KENT, born 1924, Douglas Edward REEMAN.

The Only Victor.

London: Heinemann 1990. First Edition. REVIEW COPY with Heinemann's slip inserted. Near Fine with slight age toning to page edges, in Fine dustwrapper. February 1806: Bolitho's instructions are to assist in hastening the campaign in Africa, where an expenditionary force is attempting to recapture Cape Town from the Dutch. Douglas Reeman [A. Kent] was an officer in the Royal Navy and served during WWII and the Korean war. His maritime and war experiences, together with his passion for naval history, come vividly through in his writing. Richard Bolitho, a semifictional Royal Navy officer, was born in 1756 in Falmouth, Cornwall, in the United Kingdom, the second son of a prestigious naval family. He joined the navy in 1768. He served in the wars against France and the United States. He was promoted to lieutenant in 1774, captain in 1782, and admiral in 1800. He died in action against the French in 1815. Bolitho was known for his tactical ingenuity, his daring, and his disregard of both convention and political expediency. He rose to high rank--despite the opposition of less competent men--because of his ability to win crucial victories against seemingly impossible odds. Among the men of the fleet, Bolitho was known as a demanding but scrupulously fair and humane captain. The men sometimes referred to him, though never to his face, as "Equality Dick." His reputation as a paragon of decency in a brutal world created a fierce sense of loyalty among those who had served under him. Item #31718

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