Eric Ambler | First Editions

1909 - 1998

Eric Clifford Ambler OBE (28 June 1909 – 22 October 1998) was an influential British author, who contributed immensely to the thriller genre - particularly in terms of spy novels. Ambler also worked as a screenwriter, and co-wrote several books with Charles Rodda under the pseudonym 'Eliot Reed'.

Born into a family of puppeteers, Ambler spent his early life in the entertainment industry helping his parents, before moving on to study engineering at Northampton Polytechnic in Islington - now known as City University, London. However, his upbringing as an entertainer proved dominant, and he soon began writing plays and other works. Ambler was staunchly anti-Fascist, and his political leanings can be highlighted in his early literature, with the sympathetic portrayal of Soviet agents. War and politics would continue to impact Ambler's fiction throughout his lifetime.

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